dinsdag 17 juli 2012

International weekly blog update! (July, 6 - July 15 '12)

Here is the weekly update for my internationale followers. 
Enjoy Reading!!

Friday, July 6
London is the place for C..

Lord Kitchener once sang "London is the place for me”. The last few days I am
singing my own version, "London is the place for C..". Because it is almost time. One
of these days I will go to my favourite city: London. Together with girlfriend N. I will
make the city unsafe and plunder my bank account! Because when I'm in London I
have to be able to spend money. For in London everything is better, nicer, hipper,
more fun and so on. Since I've met London, she has a place in my heart and my
love for her gets only bigger and bigger. Why do I love London? There are shops
and markets, but besides the fact that it is super for shopping, in London you have
a lot of fun and fine museums, nice restaurants, nice people, you can go to the best
musicals and it's a very inspiring city. The mini-vacation that I will celebrate there
will not be just about shopping, I will also make a lot of photos and try to sniff the
creative and inspiring atmosphere! I think that when I get back to you, I will be able to
treat you a dose of inspiring new blogs. So you will see, read or hear about it!

To be continued .. ;-)
X C..

London through the years 
photos taken by Chamali

Saturday, July 7
Nail art

Just polishing your nails is no longer enough. It's far better to give a creative twist
to your nails so that you’ll have original nails. I personally think it's always nice to
experiment with nail polish. It’s just like having an extra accessory. I use the nail art
jars of Essence to pimp my nails, but you can also use a toothpick with nail polish;-)
Need Inspiration? Here are some nice pictures!

Friday, 13 july

I am back from London for a few days now and I can look at my accessions with
pleasure. Because, well, I couldn’t come home empty handed.

Something I wanted to have very badly was the Sleek palette GLORY. Especially

for the upcoming Olympic Games in London, Sleek has put together this beautiful
palette. Of course I could bought buy the palette via the Internet, but it is much more fun
to buy the palette in the city where the Olympic Games actually take place.

The colors in the palette are quiet nude tones alternating with bright tones. I think
that the nice thing about the whole palette is that the colors are based on the
underground lines of London. The colors are well pigmented and are pleasurable to
apply. Photos of a beautiful colorful GLORY eyelook will follow!

I love the colors, Central, Circle and District!

Bas Kosters: LOVE FUCK YEAH!

Bas Kosters: the Dutch designer with the most piercings who is known for its
challenging, striking and sometimes shocking design. I really would have loved
to attend this show. But who knows, someday maybe I will! Because yes, I think
Bas Kosters is really fun! I love his colours, dolls, and his idiosyncratic taste. The
beautiful thing is, I think, that he makes his designs just the way he likes and does
not participate in trends and fads, he remains himself. Today he showed his new
collection called "FUCK YEAH LOVE" at the Amsterdam Fashion Week. The
collection is entirely devoted to "love". Whereas when he got the inspiration his
heart was broken by his lover with who he had a relationship for nine years. But he
is no longer sad because recently the Dutch designer is in love again and the whole world
may know! When I saw the collection, I immediately thought of a pink cloud.
Everywhere you see pink, red details, sequin, tulle and hearts. The illustrations are
of course still present, along with the non-obvious silhouette. It is a party to watch
and I hope you agree.

M&M World

Chocolate!!! You can wake me up for it. I'm known as a real candy lover and
chocolate is really one of my favourite candy. (As I’m typing this message I have a
piece of chocolate in my hand, that says enough right?;-)) When I was walking on
Piccadilly Circus in London with girlfriend N. we suddenly saw a big building with

lots of colours and lights. Our curiosity was stronger than our appetite, because
we were actually looking for a restaurant there to eat. There was it it was, the mecca of
every chocolate lover: M & M WORLD! A huge store with 4 floors full of M &
M's and other promotional items from M & M. Of course it is as commercial as it
can be, but it was a great experience. You didn’t know where to look, everywhere
was something to see. There were big M & M statues with which you could be
photographed, paintings of famous people in M & M shape and there were works
of art made with M & M's. You could also buy various products such as t-shirts,
cups, dishes, figurines and tea towels, all in M & M style. Of course there were M
& M's for sale! Because those are obviously the most important. You could create
your own M & M mix. There were M & M’s in all the colours of the rainbow, even
colours that you won’t find in your bag M & M's from the supermarket. I could not
resist to make such a nice colour mix. Check the pictures for the results! Whether
they taste good I do not know yet, because I think they are too much fun to watch
for now. How long I’ll detain myself from eating them however I do not know ..
Haha. Got time? Go along Have a look, even if it's just for a quick look.

Swiss Court 1  

Sunday, July 15
Mint green loves neon yellow

The colours mint green and neon yellow I both find very beautiful / cute! So I
thought: let’s combine those colours today. I think it's a success! The neon yellow
colour gives the soft mint green just a little more kick.

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