maandag 2 juli 2012

The first international weekly blog update!

Yeah, this is the first international weekly blog update!

Enjoy reading!


Sunday 24th June
Hide & Seek with the Sun

I've been looking at for the sun for days now, but I still can’t find him. It is officially summer, but it looks like autumn. The sun makes us happy and so does fashion. To cheer you guys up, I've searched some sunny accessories. I think this will make the rainy days a bit sunny.

Monday 25th June
Ephat, survival of the phattest

While I proudly walked around with my new necklace, I wanted to know from what brand it is. The necklace had a small card with the name of the brand, so I could easily find it with Google. I found a very nice webshop called Ephat. Yvette Snijders is the owner of this brand and she also sells her stuff in the Open shop at Amsterdam.

Humor plays an important role in the clothing and accessories from Ephat, that’s what the homepage of the website says. That’s not a lie because there are plenty of humorous articles. 

When I looked around, I went spontaneously greedy because of all those nice bags, original shoes, trendy leggings and fun jewellery. You can find articles of Ephat in the Open shop, but there is also a booth at the “Sunday Market” in Amsterdam every month where they sell Ephat articles. Have you became curious about Ephat? Look on the website!

Wensday 27th June
Thank You Open shop!

Today I was in the Open shop, because from this day on my cards are in this shop. So do you want a nice card from Did You C.. , you’ll have to go to the Open shop in Amsterdam. Also a nice opportunity to buy something nice for yourself, right? ;-) In the review of the Open shop I was talking about a bag of the Open shop that I liked so much and now I got one! Sooo cool! So here’s a picture of the bag and my happy face! Haha.

Sunday 1th July
Artwork on your body

The sun is shining and everything that was securely covered with long thick sweaters and jeans can be seen again. And then it happens! Besides white legs (I know, I’m easy to talk) and hairy male backs you can also see some nice things walking around. 

You like tattoos or you don’t, but there is a difference between tattoos and tattoos. I personally do not like them all equally, but it remains an art and I always find it fun to watch. People continue to surprise me, because some from who I never expected it appears to have a piece of art under that sweater. Tattoos are totally hip and more and more people take one. 

To be honest, I’m really against taking one just because it is so hip. But every person has his own opinion. Tattoos remain in my opinion fascinating, (shocking), inspiring and artistry. Do you have a beautiful piece of art on your body or are you against tattoos? With my mini tattoo I’m part of the club. Haha ;-)

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